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To overseas customers

# About online-shop :

Unfortunately, we are currently not accepting orders from outside Japan
because we cannot guarantee the delivery quality outside Japan.

# About repair service :

Our customer support language is Japanese only.

Please look at following about the repair service of the items, with conditions depending on the country.
Some countries have restriction on importing/exporting of jewelry or other items,
where we cannot deliver the repaired items.

(1) Size adjustment or item repair needs around 3weeks.
In case the shipping address is abroad, the delivery may be delayed for certain reasons.

(2) The cost of shipping from us depends on where you live. For details, please look at the following table.

(3) The repaired item will be shipped with insurance.

(4) If you send us the item to be repaired from outside Japan,we might have to pay approximately 10% import tax at Japanese customs additionally.
Tax rate depends on the material and the shipping country.

Please understand that the sum of shipping cost in the table below, insurance cost and import tax will be charged.

Country Shipping cost note
United states 2,500 JPY Gold is prohibited
Taiwan 1,700 JPY -
Singapore 2,100 JPY -
Hong Kong 1,700 JPY -
South Korea 1,700 JPY There may be cases paying 50 percent tax of the item price.
China all items / material are prohibited

Total payment = (1) Shipping cost + (2) insurance cost (500 JPY) + (3) import tax (around 10% of the item price).

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